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HURID success stories

Although we already have several Human Factors taxonomies in aviation, it was only when applying SHIELD to a set of air traffic incidents that we uncovered a new underlying factor in the cultural layer.


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We tested the Safety Eye app to evaluate our safety culture with various groups, including senior managers and at a safety seminar. The app is easy to use, quick, and accurate, making it a useful tool to start meetings or generate safety discussions. It complements other methods of safety culture assessment and provides instant results for insight into focus areas

Louis de Wolff, CALMAC

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After applying HURID to three maritime case studies, I can confirm it is a massive collection of tools that can impact the shipbuilding sector in many different ways. Procedures revision or design from scratch, systems design or update, refitting, habitability... Level up your processes, your Clients will appreciate it!

Andrea Lommi, CETENA

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Safety Eye provided Air Navigation Solutions Limited (ANSL) with a quick, easy and efficient solution to deploy a validated safety culture survey for an airport customer we were supporting. The system is intuitive, simple to navigate and provides accountable managers with good quality data analytics to support their overall safety strategy.

Martin Laycock, Air Navigation Solutions

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