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18th November, SAFEMODE Conference in Istanbul


The conference of SAFEMODE project ✈️ 🚢 as well as an interactive workshop on the Safety Human Incident and Error Learning Database (SHIELD) taxonomy took place in Istanbul on 18th November 2022!!! Thank you to the organizer Istanbul Technical University and to All Participants!!


Final SAFEMODE Dissemination Event 9th-10th November in Piraeus


The final event of SAFEMODE project ✈️ 🚢  as well as a series of very interesting workshops took place in Piraeus (Piraeus Commerce & Chamber of Industry) on 9th-10th November 2022!!! Over 100 people participated in the event organized by the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH).
Thank you to all the participants who attended in person as well as those who participated online!
Our sincere thanks go out to our Project Coordinator Simone Pozzi from Deep Blue for his kind support/help over the last 3.5 years!!
Thank you to our aviation scientific coordinator Barry Kirwan from EUROCONTROL, our maritime scientific coordinators Osman Turan & Rafet Emek Kurt from University of Strathclyde, and All SAFEMODE project partners: NLR - Netherlands Aerospace Centre, HungaroControl - Hungarian Air Navigation Services, ENAC - Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile, Sapienza Università di Roma, CETENA S.p.A. - Centro per gli Studi di Tecnica Navale, CalMac Ferries Limited, Embraer, De Montfort University, National Technical University of Athens, World Maritime University, Airbus, Ryanair - Europe's Favourite Airline, University of Patras, RSSB, University of Amsterdam, Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation, Wuhan University, TUI, BeeBI Consulting GmbH, ITU, Rolls-Royce, INSTITEKNO, A.P & A LTD.
Even if the project ends this month, the SAFEMODE project trip is still continuing!!
Please keep following our social media and visit our website: www.safemodeproject.eu for more updates!!


9th November Workshops, Piraeus-Greece


<<<<Final SAFEMODE project Event>>>>
Today a series of workshops took place at Piraeus Commerce & Chamber of Industry (GREECE).
- Translating Incidents into SAFETY LessonsSHIELD
-  eGuidance for the Application of Human Factors tools
Thank you to All participants!!!
Please stay tuned for tomorrow's sessions!!
For more details please visit HERE


Final SAFEMODE Dissemination Event


A series of workshops and final event will take place:

9th-10th November 2022

Piraeus Commerce & Chamber of Industry (GREECE)

For more analytical details, please visit HERE



In order to spread SAFEMODE's achievements in Europe and globally, a series of workshops and trainings will be organized  by the SAFEMODE project. 

This week SAFEMODE project participates in the Jakarta-Indonesia SAFEMODE Symposium!

24-25 October 2022, Jakarta-Indonesia

To find out more about our participation, please visit HERE