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46th Interferry Conference


At the beginning of October, the SAFEMODE Project participated in the 46th Annual Interferry Conference in Seattle, by Fast Cat and shared SAFEMODE developments and White Paper with the ferry industry. Well done!!


Final SAFEMODE Dissemination Event 9th-10th November in Piraeus


The Final SAFEMODE Dissemination Event will take place in Piraeus on 9th and 10th November 2022!!


The 2-day event will include the final dissemination event and a series of workshops:


  • Translating Incidents into Safety Lessons
  • Towards a Safety Learning Culture
  • Building and quantifying Risk Models for aviation and maritime
  • eGuidance for the Application of Human Factors tools
  • Demo of Neuro-physiological indicators for maritime

Please make sure you register HERE


Future Toolkit Workshop


Last week, SAFEMODE project organized a ‘Future Toolkit Workshop’. This event aimed to generate ideas and gather information from both aviation and maritime experts, along with human factors, neuroscientists, etc., in order to describe and imagine aviation and maritime scenarios in the year 2050. Therefore, the outcomes will be used to describe possible scenarios, methods and techniques for assessing human factors in 2050!!


SAFEMODE makes a splash in Dublin at ESREL 2022


SAFEMODE partners presented five papers in a dedicated special session on Human Factors at the European Safety & Reliability (ESREL) conference in Dublin, on 29th August, where more than 600 safety professionals and academics from around the world gathered to share new ideas and research results on how to improve safety across a range of industries. The well-attended opening session on SAFEMODE, one of several on Human Factors and safety, was chaired by SAFEMODE representatives Barry Kirwan and Scott Mackinnon, who oversaw presentations on the Human Factors Toolkit, Risk Models, the SHIELD database, and case studies from maritime and aviation. There was good audience interaction and appreciation for SAFEMODE, for example from the Danish maritime sector, as well as the US nuclear industry, who wanted to know when the SAFEMODE deliverables such as SHIELD, the Toolkit and SAFEFLIX would be available. Overall, SAFEMODE was applauded for ‘raising the bar’ in Human Factors in safety.


ESREL 2022


The SAFEMODE project participated last week in ESREL 2022, by: EUROCONTROL, ENAC, DEEP BLUE, NLR, University of Strathclyde, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Amsterdam, Chalmers University of Technology, HUNGAROCONTROL, National Technical University of Athens, CalMac, CETENA,  De Montfort University and presented: 

- How well do Factors tools really support the design process?

-From the aviation domain to the maritime: an application of the SAFEMODE methodology

-Using occurrence data to map the elements of a risk model

-Human Performance for digital and automated environments: Challenges and Advances for design and safety assessment

-SHIELD human factors taxonomy and database for systematic analysis of safety occurrences in the aviation and maritime domains

-A tale of two simulations-the Challenges of Validating a Ground-Air Collaborative Safety Alert

You can find out more details regarding SAFEMODE presentations/publications by visiting our website HERE